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Business For Sale. Plant Based Soup Brand

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Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 09:00-17:00
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Employees: The vendors are ably supported by a team of one family member/manager and one management intern.

Reason for selling:
Reason for Sale: The vendors believe they have reached the limit of their management capabilities and wishes to concentrate on other business interests.
Support and training:
Support and Training: The current owner would be happy to provide full training and support at handover.
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Asking price: Offers invited

Business highlights include:

Turnover: c. £800,000 per annum (2020 accounts)
Gross profit: c. £260,000
Net assets: c. £32,000
Reliable supply relationships

Excellent margins
Vegan & Allergen Free recipes
All intellectual Property Rights
Major retailer relationships
Reliable management team
Significant growth opportunity

Business Profile

This Soup Brand is well established in high street retailers such as Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic and is also represented in smaller, independent shops and delicatessens, with tenure in excess of 5 years. Sales are also made through distributors & commercial partners and sales direct to consumer via the company’s website is growing all the time.

The business was founded by the vendors following a desire to create interesting and tasty plant based soups for the family home. The results of these developments led to increased popularity among friends & family and so some time afterwards the home prepared soups were developed as a marketable consumer product.

The brand and the company has been through the difficult start-up period, has consolidated its reputation among retailers and earned its position on the shelves among the more famous brands. As the company was achieving its target milestones, recent market volatility has caused the vendors to consider their resource availability in regard to continued growth and have taken the decision to sell a controlling stake in the company.

The company is expecting significant growth in all parts of its activities, from new product development to sales of existing product lines and the time is believed to be right for the transfer of the company and its brand to a new owner or investor with the resources and facility to manage this next, more formal stage of business growth.


*When demand for “clean label” first burst on the scene several years ago, it was all about removing “chemical-sounding,” “unnatural” and unnecessary ingredients from products, but as shoppers learn more about food, how it is made and its impact on their health, their expectations for what they consume have become more nuanced, and so, too, has industry’s approach to “clean label.”

In a recent “Future of Food” white paper it is reported that consumers no longer have the same reaction to long lists of unfamiliar ingredients as they did many years ago and are now more willing to consider a food product’s nutritional and functional benefits. The trade-off is that they are also looking more closely at product claims, certifications, the nutritional benefits of ingredients and their environmental impact when determining whether a food product is “clean”.


This of course represents a huge opportunity for this company being as it is, a part of a more general trend for health based and plant based, clean foods whose claims can be verified and trusted.

The company’s award-winning soups and meals are all vegan and free from the 14 main allergens. They are healthy and nutritious. They don’t rely on the latest fads or trends but are based on the science of nutrition combined with the passion and art of really great recipes and cooking!

Current Opportunities

This is a nascent brand with a demonstrative opportunity for growth and development in the UK and international markets, and a new owner with the management and financial resources would be very well placed to maximise the obvious potential that the brand represents.

Key Strengths:

The business has many strengths including

• Consumer loyalty
• New product development capability
• Quality and product integrity
• Macro led trend for “clean”food
• Excellent reputation among retailers
• Outstanding supplier relationships

Expansion Potential
Growth and Expansion:

The vendor believes that an opportunity to grow by investment in resources and in sales & marketing activity and also believes that this business would be a perfect platform from which to grow by other acquisitions within the sector.