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This printing business is located in a town between Sydney and Canberra and has been servicing the area for over 20 years. It offers a full range of general printed products, including business cards, flyers, brochures, books, magazines, printed stationery, posters and more. The organisation currently uses both offset and digital printing equipment. It has spacious premises and is prominently positioned within the town. The business has staff in place who are able to service customers and operate all equipment. This organisation has an extensive customer list. This list includes a large number of businesses, not for profit organisations and government departments across the region. Having traded in the area for many years, the business name is well known by locals. Also, the organisation has very little local competition. Over the 2015 financial year, this business achieved sales of $753k. It has achieved a gross profit margin of in excess of 65% over raw materials and clicks in recent year. The business has, however recorded net losses over the past two years. Many printing businesses with similar (or lower) gross profit percentages actually achieve strong net profitability. As such, it appears that this business is winning high quality sales, but is not currently able to output the work in a cost effective way. This could be an ideal acquisition for another printing business who would like to grow their customer base. The buyer could convert the business into a sales and digital printing office only. They could then potentially send all offset work to their own production facility or to a trade printer. The vendors are happy to sell the customer base only for $110,000 negotiable. The vendors would then sell off the production equipment themselves. Contactu us now to take advantage of this opportunity to acquire a printing business customer base and expand your sales into the Sydney to Canberra region.