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Business For Sale. Italian Restaurant In Rosarito Beach

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LIFESTYLE21;95;You don92;t have to go surfing at Rosarito Beach every morning 96; but the beach is one block away, and the restaurant does not open until 1 pm.95;You don92;t have to drink beer and eat pizza every afternoon 96; but it is available at the restaurant (plus more gourmet items).95;You don92;t have to take a siesta or nap every afternoon 96; but there is an owner92;s private studio apartment on the premises 96; with bed 26; shower.95;You don92;t have to save money by cutting out the cost of a private residence near the restaurant 96; but: note owner92;s private studio apartment mentioned above. This saves 24;200-250/mo. rent.95;You don92;t have to do business on a cash only basis 96; but Seller does not currently accept credit cards and all operations are on an all cash basis.95;Can rent upstairs for parties / catering (subject to availability) for 24;400 per day 96; 3 areas 96; room for 700 people. Very close to major hotel 96; for guests to stay overnight or for conferences.95;Full liquor license is same license as Landlord92;s; fee is included in rent; regulations are strictly enforced in Mexico 96; 18 is the minimum age; a violation is a default in the lease. Since liquor license is in rent, Landlord manages compliance, and all beer products must be Tecate Company (note: Budweiser is Tecate). There is a Tecate owned cooler on premise.95;4 years of operation for Italian restaurant. No formal financials, in accord with separate explanation 26; certification letter from Owner / Seller.95;According to owner: anyone with business know-how can never find an opportunity like this. Can extend years on lease. 95;20 minutes from San Diego border to restaurant on toll road. 93;No competition94; per owner. Has reputation.95;CONFIDENTIAL: Please keep sale confidential from employees.For more information, please contact Joe Gertz at (858) 945-5700.